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June 23rd 2016 the UK was shaken by the Referendum to withdraw from the EU. The vote was close and the vote to leave was successful by 52%. The term Brexit became the dreaded word that's said way too often by media or by people I know, and four years later it's still in our vocabulary as there has been a long stalemate for “deals” and promises that may or may not happen.

Living in the time of Brexit Britain you can tell that people are frustrated of either hearing about “Brexit” or the decision in general. People can change their minds but they can’t change the looming presence of the exit from the EU, I believe it has made people in Britain divide over the decision and become more political day by day as the news constantly covers each action the government takes with the Brexit deal. The only questions on my mind is when is it going to happen, what will be the outcome for the UK and what promises will become true?

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