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Sunderland Civic Building 

The Sunderland Civic Centre cost £3.4 million to build and was designed by Basil Spence,Bonnington and Collins built-in 1970 at the time the architecture was considered to be a modern in brutalist design that showed the change of architectural design at the time. The building is made up of two main hexagonal sections linked together by a single hexagon section in the middle. The design was to help ease movement to access each area of the building faster and making journeys take less time in the building. 


The Sunderland civic building has been close to getting a listed status that would protect it from any potential demolition, but unfortunately Sunderland council recently came to the decision to build a new civic centre and demolish the current one. The architecture of the Civic center is now a rarity and is historically important to the people of Sunderland and the north east and this project is to show the building in its last days the orange colour represents the looming eventual destruction of the civic building and its surroundings. 

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