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Eradication Deforestation is a project with the aims of showing the devastation caused by the outbreak of ash dieback on a small pocket of woodland in the Lincolnshire countryside. The series of images show how the landscape has been altered by machines to eradicate the disease in the area and how deforestation has stripped away a refuge and habitat for many species of animals. It is important to bring this tree disease to people's attention as it has the potential to wipe out a species of tree and also endangering the ecosystem around the animals and insects that rely on ash trees. The series also explores what effects the disease has on various trees by looking at the barks of the trees that have been felled. 


The deforested area documented in this project will have an estimated 2000 trees re-planted within 10 years as part of the landowner's 

forestry plan. 

Eradication Deforestation Exhibition

Eradication Deforestation Exhibition took place virtually in ArtSteps an online exhibition platform, you can check it out below and move round the virtual space... 

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